You have a creative idea or concept for a book. Perhaps you've had this idea for years, or maybe it just came to you a couple of months ago. Only problem is… you’re not sure how to put it down on paper, much less turn it into a book.

This is where I show up to help guide you in the right direction.

Whether you’re writing for the first time, in the middle of your writing, or writing a genre you’ve never written before, I’ll be here to guide you every step of the way and throughout your writing process.


If you’ve never written a book before, I’ll guide you step-by-step on how to begin.


If you’re a writer who desires to write but can’t get enough time to do so, I’ll walk you through effective time management and ensure you’re accountable for your time.

If you’re a writer who has completed their writing and unsure on next steps, I’ll coach you on whether you need an edit, and if so, what kind you’d need, or if it's simply a manuscript critique you need.

If you’re a writer looking to start a new book/genre, you’ll get constructive feedback to make sure you’re going in the right direction.

I’m here to support and hold your hand, but I’m also here to hold you accountable and tell you as it is. If you’re going on the wrong track, I’ll tell you the truth. I’m here to give my honest opinion about your goals for your book, what will work and what will not, and advice on the best strategies to accomplish your goal and communicate your message effectively. Remember - I’m here to help you SUCCEED.

Don’t wait years to publish a book, or wait for a ‘right time’. The right time is now. And I can help you make your publishing dream a reality.

I'm waiting to hear from you. Contact me today and let me help you turn your dream to reality.








$250 flat rate

This package is for you if you’re writing for the first time.

  • We’ll discuss and understand your book topic and core message

  • I’ll work with you to create a story outline

  • We’ll make a plan on how to begin and move forward with your writing

  • Six deadlines in six weeks




MONTHLY COACHING (until book is completed)


This is for you if you have completed the Beginners stage or have started the writing process but need guidance to continue/complete your book.

  • We'll set bi-weekly deadlines

  • Two 20-min calls a month

  • Ongoing email support



This is for you if you desire to write but don’t have the time, and would like to get some coaching on meeting deadlines at a much slower pace.

  • We’ll set mutually-agreed deadlines to submit pages

  • 25 pages submitted per deadline

  • Ongoing email support




$100 flat fee

This is for you if you’ve finished your manuscript and want it evaluated to determine if it needs editing, and if so, what level of editing is needed, or if you simply need a general (but thorough) manuscript critique. See details of my manuscript critique services here.



**All prices are in US dollars.


My coaching services do not include editing. I will certainly point out grammar errors that stand out if I come across them, but my focus will not be on grammar and syntax. As I work alongside you and review the pages you turn in, my focus will be on structure, character development, tone, and ensuring you're communicating your message the right way. My job as coach is to ensure you complete a remarkable book that successfully passes across the message it's meant to pass to your reader.


After your book is completed, I'll implore you to ensure your manuscript goes through the editing and/or critiquing stage before it's published.