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How soon can I get my work back?

24 hours minimum turn-around-time, and 30 days maximum turn-around-time, all depending on the size of the document. I also have a rush service for each service, at extra costs. Please see Price Breakdown for more information.

How will you make the editing changes to my work?
I'll provide you with marked-up/tracked changes to the Word copy of your document, as well as ballooned comments. I’ll also provide a separate, complimentary 200/400-word critique with constructive feedback on your overall work and general suggestions that may be applied.

When and how do I make payment?
You're not required to make payment until I have reviewed your copy and sent you a quote based on the length/type of content, and type of service. For full manuscripts, you'll be required to make partial payment (between 20-30% of total quote) upfront before I can proceed with what needs to be done. Once the project is completed, you'll be sent a final invoice for the balance payment.

Can you write my essay for me?
No; unfortunately I don’t offer writing services for essays. I can edit your essays and offer professional critique, also providing you with a few pointers to apply to your essay. However, I won't write it for you.

Can you design an author website for me?

Yes, a member of my design team can! Just fill out this contact form and we'll reach out to you to ask for more details about your needs.

I have a book idea and I know what I want to write about, but I haven't started yet. Are you able to write the book for me?

I don't offer ghostwriting services any longer, but I can certainly be your coach and guide you every step of the way as you write your book from start to finish. Let's talk some more -- give me some info here and I'll reach out to you!

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