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You have a creative idea or concept for a book. Perhaps you've had this idea for years, or maybe it just came to you a couple of months ago. Only problem is… you’re not sure how to put it down on paper, much less turn it into a book.

This is where I come in to make your life a little easier.

As a ghostwriter, I’ll bring to life what you’re unable to put down on paper on your own. I’ll be your shadow, turning your vision into mine, giving it voice and saving you time needed to focus on your business and hustle. That’s right, we’ve all got hustles we need to focus on.

I’ll work with you every single step of the way from the conception of your book to its completion – my goal is to ensure you get the service you expect and even beyond.

Let's say... you have

  • An idea but nothing written

  • An outline and nothing else

  • A draft or bunch of notes you want included in the manuscript, and nothing else.


If any of the above sounds like you, rest assured I’ll take it from here and help you get your book done. That’s right – your book will get DONE. Remember, I’m here to help you shine.

Also - lest I forget - you retain all rights and credits. I’m a ghost, remember? So I remain behind the scenes (or even disappear!) while you shine alongside your book.

Don’t wait years to publish a book, or wait for a ‘right time’. The right time is now. And I can help you make your publishing dream a reality.

Once you contact me, here’s what happens:

  • I analyze your project need and request

  • I review any existing material you have relating to this idea

  • I provide you with a quote


If you choose to go with me, here’s what happens next:

  • Signing of contracts and all that paperwork stuff

  • Initial interviews (2-3) to discuss book idea

  • Outline of project

  • Provide you with 1st chapter, and we discuss changes

  • Provide you with complete 1st draft, and we discuss changes

  • Provide you with 2nd draft, and we discuss changes

  • Provide you with 3rd and final draft

  • I fade away, and you shine!

I’ll ghostwrite on the following genres/subject matters only:


Drama/Romance (clean, non-erotica)


Literary Fiction

Women's Fiction










Women's issues


I'm waiting to hear from you. Contact me today and let me help you turn your dream to reality.

NOTE: I do not offer Ghostwriting services for academic essays or reports.

No obligation whatsoever. Take me for a test run and see where it takes you.

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