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Animated Editor

I'm Yvonne, managing editor and founder of WordPolish, and my ultimate goal is to cater to your editorial needs to the best of my abilities. I'm a professional editor with over 9 years of experience in fields ranging from publishing to communications, public relations and technical writing.

An avid reader and writer from a tender age, I’ve always been obsessed with the beauty in and complexity of words and their ability to make or mar communication. Growing up, I read every book I could lay my eyes on - fiction, poetry, journals, textbooks, you name it! I studied and mastered every form of writing I could, entranced by the use and juxtaposition of words as it relates to certain circumstances.

A BA degree, certifications, post-grad courses, and years of experiences later, I'm still learning, and I'm still pursuing my passion.


By editing your remarkable works and helping you prepare them for publication, I'm living my purpose and indulging in what I love and have been thoroughly trained to do - fine-tuning your work to get it to that level of GREATNESS.


-- I'm highly proficient in MLA, AP, APA and Chicago Manual writing and citation style guides.​

-- I provide quick turn-around-times (TATs). Once you send me your complete details, my TAT can be as fast as 24 hours!.

-- CONFIDENTIALITY: All copies taken in by me or my team are protected and kept in confidence – rest assured that your works will never be shared by anyone else. I respect the works you've crafted, and I value the trust you've placed in me with these works.

Take a chance and try WordPolish today. 

Active member of:

The Christian PEN (Proofreaders & Editors Network)

ACES: The Society for Editing

PEN: Professional Editors Network


Honors B.A. in English; Minor in Philosophy

Post-Grad Studies & Certs

- Creative Writing

- Editing

- Publishing

- Technical Writing

- Content Marketing

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