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Don’t Want To Be an Author? 4 Other Ways You Can Use Your Writing Skills

You love writing but you’re not into authoring a book. Perhaps you’re not sure if you want to publish a book -- not yet anyway. Well, y'know what? That’s totally OK. Who says you have to publish a book just because you’re a skilled writer? There are no rules on that. You can still put your writing skills to work by going on any (or even all!) of these writing paths.

1. Ghostwriter

You don’t have to write and publish your own book, but you can write a book for someone and they take credit for it. This is a great way to make use of your awesome writing skills and get paid really (I mean really) good. You just have to understand that you’ll lose the book rights, so you can never claim the book as yours. Ever.

2. Content creator

Companies are constantly using content creators for their company and website content, newsletters, social media, infographics, and so on. It’s a great way to get (and stay) in the writing industry and make good money.

3. Copywriter

Also called sales/persuasive writing, the copywriting skill is in HIGH demand and has always been. Copywriting is creating content used for advertising and marketing, and aims to ‘sweet-talk’ and convince individuals to take an action about a product or service. Its sole purpose is to create awareness and build brands.

4. Technical writer

A technical writer produces manuals, company decks, and any written documentation. Technical writers create and research information, turning complicated procedures into easy-to-read documentation for easier readability and understanding. A technical writer can work in any organization, but would need to have extensive knowledge of the organization’s products and services to produce a comprehensive and readable document.

No one says you need to write a book simply because you're good at writing. Sure it's a good (and passive) way to make money, but if you're not up for the process and challenges of publishing a book, it's perfectly okay to put those remarkable writing skills to use in other fulfilling (and money-making) ways.



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