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You want your copy to entertain, educate, persuade, or bring awareness. At the end of the day, you want a better book, a better proposal, a better essay, or a better resume. 


This is where I come in. 


My intent is to polish your words so that they're unambiguous, readable, enjoyable, more precise, and accurate without losing your message or voice. My ultimate desire is to see your work shine.  ​

I offer three levels of editing:

With Line Editing, I focus on – Line-by-line editing, intended audience, eliminating jargon, organization, design and style, conciseness, eliminating ambiguity while maintaining author’s voice and style.

With Copyediting, I pay attention to Grammar, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, syntax, word overuse

With Proofreading, this will involve minor tweaks and corrections in punctuation, spacing, spelling, and grammatical errors

All levels of editing will be accompanied by a complimentary critique of up to 400 words for manuscripts and reports, and up to 200 words for articles, press releases and resumes.

Why don't you contact me now and let's get started?


So you’ve got your book manuscript or report thoroughly edited. Now what?

Simply getting your book edited, no matter how thorough the edit, really isn’t nearly enough. It's time to get a professional and unbiased pair of eyes to constructively critique your text, an expert who won’t simply tell you what you want to hear, but will tell you what you need to hear in order to get your work to that level of greatness.

​With this service, your work will be methodically reviewed and you’ll be provided with constructive, unbiased and thorough feedback on the following areas:


  • Structure

  • Dialogue and characterization

  • Plot

  • Setting

  • POV

  • Voice/tone

  • Climax


  • Structure

  • Strength of theme/thesis

  • Flow of points between chapters/sections

  • Vocabulary

  • Target audience​


NOTE: This is a critique only – no editing included.

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