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As an aspiring author who is planning to write or has already begun writing, you need a framework that shows you where to start and where to conclude. My detailed14-page book outline template can assist you with this. 


Here's what my template will help you do: 

  • discover your central topic and stay true to it throughout your writing process  

  • put your audience at the forefront of your writing 

  • break down ideas into chapters  

  • push you to research and think about examples to use for each chapter sub topic  

  • provide exercises at the end of each chapter for your reader to follow through 

  • put together a conclusion and further action steps for the reader 

  • put together your introduction and hook that entices the reader to read the first chapter


With my outline template, I pose questions that push and propel you to think beyond what you have written (assuming you have anything written). My template will help you stay structured and resilient as you craft your words, reminding you of your WHAT and WHY. 


What you'll get right away when you place your order:

+ A detailed book outline template

+ A guide to Nonfiction Writing

+ A guide to Self-editing

+ A complete book proposal checklist guide

+ A follow-up email with further details to help you with your outline

+ Two additional follow-up emails in the coming days with exclusive content on nonfiction writing techniques to aid you on your writing journey


Get your book outline template now.  

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